teen dream part 2 | plano senior session

I’m always so jealous of places that have gorgeous sunflower fields, with tall stalks and giant blooms, when here in Dallas we only get small patches. This one happened to be right in front of a school by my neighborhood - it’s small and sparse, with roads and buildings all around it, but with a little creative posing we were able to still get that country feel I wanted. Natalie was an amazing model, and when she happened to fit my dress perfectly I was SO excited. When we reached the spot, the sun had just dropped and the rays were peeking through the flowers - it was such a gorgeous scene. I couldn't be more pleased with how the shoot turned out, and can’t wait for this year of senior shoots.

If you are a senior in the North Dallas area, I’m still looking for a few more models, so fill out the questionnaire on my site to be considered!

*You can check out Part 1 of Natalie’s shoot earlier in my blog*

Christina Quach