stoneleigh dallas engagement session | dallas lifestyle photographer



There were a lot of things I was happy to leave behind when I left my corporate life, but what I’ll always miss are the people I worked with. Spending almost every day with the same group can often spell disaster, but I was lucky enough to work with so many amazing people, who made the long hours, stressful days, crazy clients, and mid-day snack rummaging a memorable experience. I’ve always separated what I considered my “old life” with this new one as a photographer, admittedly because I felt a little embarrassed I wasn’t ever returning to a desk job, and because I still have trouble some days with identifying as an artist, and especially having others view me as one. So, imagine my surprise when my old friend and co-worker Michael reached out to reconnect and asked me to photograph their marriage reception.  I was floored and so excited! Being able to merge my past and present worlds is nothing short of amazing, and that he thought of me first to document their special day means so much to me.

Their reception is in March, but we decided to meet at their hotel for a fun engagement session last month. Michael and I picked up where we left off, with me being the boss this time (kidding). We started with rose at the Stoneleigh bar, sang to Whitney Houston in their room, then did a little exploring downtown. I loved getting to know Todd and learn more about their story during our shoot. They are such a sweet, fun-loving couple and I can’t wait for their celebration next month!

Christina Quach