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I used to be a huge proponent of giving (and receiving) digital files only.  Nowadays, family photos are more likely to be displayed on our Facebook walls than the actual walls of our home.  But as our kids get older, I'm noticing how differently they engage with the photos we have printed and framed.  They love looking through pictures online and on our phone as well, but actually stop to touch the ones they pass every day hung by the stairs, asking about the people and places they recognize.  My daughter at least once a week settles on the couch with a twice-her-size wedding album on her lap to go through the details of each and every page.  Maybe it's because there are less photos to look at, the ones we choose to print and display are usually heavily curated, but there's something so beautiful about a framed photo - a memory frozen in time and protected by glass, an heirloom that our children, and one day grandchildren, can cherish.  

I still love my digitals, but wanted to offer simple and beautiful print options for clients who have trouble finding the time and energy to do it themselves - options that are unique to each of my sessions but would look good in any home.  This collage print and frame were the perfect way to display the Valentine session photos.  After seeing how pretty it turned out, I may have to do a session with our kids so we can have one too!

Christina Quach