Hello, and welcome!  I'm Christina, mother of two, and wife of one, residing in Plano, TX.  I'm a lover of books and writing, music, and travel.  In my spare time (also known as the hour or two after the kids are put to bed where I run around frantically celebrating freedom), I enjoy eating food not in the shape of animals or cartoon characters, limiting myself to one-sometimes-five glasses of wine, and some good, or sometimes not so good tv.  In a past life, I was in advertising with an agency in Dallas.

Like most moms, my passion for photography was ignited with the arrival of my two babies.  My eyes were opened to the beauty of children, the incredible way they experience the world, and how they breathe life and vibrancy into a room with just their presence.  I, and every parent I talk to, sometimes wish we could freeze time, and photographs are the closest we come to doing that.  I love capturing families and ALL of the moments that reflect a family's true personality - beautiful, happy, silly, and all of the chaos in between.  There are experiences, and there are memories, and I want to be able to create both for you and your family.